Migration from Oracle to cockroach db

We want to migrate from Oracle to cockroach and found some limitations with respect to following features

  1. Sysdate
  2. Sequence
  3. Dual
    Can u pls let us know the corresponding features in cockroach which supports the same functionality so that we can make those changes in our queries


Hey @Infyravi,

This is an oracle only function, the most likely equivalent would be current_timestamp().

Are you referring to CREATE SEQUENCE statement to create a sequence, which is a database object from which multiple users may generate unique integers.? If so, we offer a few functions to create unique IDs, you can find more about them here that you can use in conjunction with our CREATE SEQUENCE statement.

We don’t have an equivalent, as it isn’t needed, you could just do Select without the DUAL and it would work. i.e. select current_timestamp();

Let me know if you have any other questions.