More Network Bytes Received

Hi Team,

We have 3 node cluster, but node9 only receiving more network bytes and utilized a high CPU on a particular node(9).

How to fix this issue in production (v19.2).

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Please guide me.


Hi Raj,

Is your cluster set up with a load balancer in front for applications to connect to? I am guessing that this is caused by your application connecting directly to a single gateway node.

Check out our documentation on this: Deploy CockroachDB On-Premises | CockroachDB Docs


You can try to scatter the leases manually to see if that makes a difference. ALTER TABLE activity_feed SCATTER. That will randomly assign leaseholders to each range. Using the result of this experiment, perhaps you can rule this in our out as a problem.

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HI Team,

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I believe you can edit your previous post. Do you have some reason that it’s important to remove it?


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I’ll see what I can do. FWIW the image at the top of this post does not obviously have any confidential information. Those 10.* IP addresses are internal only and are not likely to be useful to anybody on the internet.

As I said, I’m working to figure it out. It is confusing that you say both that it is confidential data and that you understand it to not be confidential data.

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