Multi-Cluster Kubernetes for Cockroach (Federation)

Hi Cockroach,

Now that Cockroach 2.0 supports locality setting up multiple k8 clusters in different regions is a critical use case. That being said I have not yet seen any documentation or advice on the best way to configure such a setup.

The following stack overflow post mentions that this was being looked into.

I agree with the post that the long-term solution should make use of k8 federation, however, federation seems to be very far from being production grade and from what I can see has not been progressing rapidly over the last 12 months. Does anyone have additional knowledge on the state of k8 federation? Namely is this progressing and will it become a viable production-grade solution for this use case in the near term?

If not federation for this use case what is the most promising alternative? Will this be something that Cockroach actively supports and maintains as a production-grade solution and if so is there an established timeline for such support.

Thank you!

Hi @varick, We would agree that K8s cluster federation seems unlikely to be production ready in the next 6 months, though their priority could always change. From our side, we plan to have good documentation around deploying a secure multi region secure to start with for 2.1 and its a priority area. An insecure cluster is relatively easy on GKE - you can see a preliminary set of instructions here. A secure cluster (especially outside of GKE) is more challenging, and a big part of it is figuring out potential networking solutions, and we are at the exploration stages now. You can expect more on this in 2.1 (oct).

Thank you for the quick response!

I look forward to support for this in 2.1! Luckily we use GKE so I look forward to testing this out once the secure version is more built out.