Node traffic high

I have a 3 node cluster deployed on AWS and have about 300GB of data on it. I noticed a line item in cost explorer called DataTransfer-Regional-Bytes that seemed high. It’s reporting up to 40 GB/hour of data and my understanding is that category is data within a region. Does it make sense that there is that much traffic between nodes?

Any thoughts on expected traffic between nodes? This seems strange that nobody has encountered this on AWS.


First off, allow me to apologize for letting this question fall through the cracks for so long. 40 GB/hour does sound incredibly high for just replication and normal network chatter between the nodes. To get a sense of how much network traffic there is between the nodes, you could look at the Network Bytes chart (in DB Console, Metrics → Hardware).

If you are indeed seeing such a high amount of traffic, you might look for clues on the Replication Dashboard to see if there is some overactive replication happening.

Thanks for the reply. The Network chart is showing high utilization. I’m not sure what to look at specifically on the replication dashboard to pinpoint causes.