OpenSource VS Paid version


Can i use opensource version on a production? In crdb vision is 100% on the road of opensource or just providing opensource version for dev or non-production environment like some other database example Oracle database in the future?

Hi Vireak,

You can use the open source version in whatever environment you wish. However, if you need access to enterprise features, or support beyond what’s offered in the community, you would need to purchase an enterprise license. A comparison of features is available here:



BTW Is it a good idea to store a chunk of large file ? because i want to get the benefit of region or zone replication.

I’m not sure what you mean - could you explain a bit more? Every version of cockroachdb offers zone replication on databases and tables, the only difference is that enterprise users can configure zone replication on individual rows. Here’s some more information about replication zones, if you’re interested:

I want to store binary file on crdb into a chunk of blob. Is crdb performance well for binary or blob data type ?

Borrowing from an earlier thread answered by @bdarnell (Storing files or blobs):

CockroachDB is not currently well suited for storing large blobs. Our docs recommend keeping blobs to around 64KB. Larger values are possible, but the total size of a row (including all columns, and all versions within the GC TTL) must not exceed the maximum range size (64MB by default).

We do have an open feature request to better support blobs, but it’s not currently on the roadmap:

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