pgAdmin4 cannot connect to Cockroach using SSL


However when I connect to it using pgAdmin 4 in SSL mode I get the following:

At this point I want a simple GUI running on Windows to connect to the cluster and do some database management. I have also tried but have run into issues there as well.

So has anyone got a free simple GUI (and some instructions) running against CockroachDB that they can share?

pgAdmin4 is not supported and will not be supported in the next release either.
We are currently validating DBeaver for use with CockroachDB, it seems to mostly work (you need the latest JDBC driver for PostgreSQL, not those included in the DBeaver installer).

There are also other tools reported to work, for example Postico should be fine.


I installed the JDBC 42.2.4 driver and then configured the PostgreSQL connection type based on the connection string. However I get the following connection error:

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately Java/JDBC is unable to use standard PEM client certificates, this is a known problem for any PostgreSQL client (not just CockroachDB). You need to convert the certificate to DER format. This is documented here:

We use the same command in our own internal testing:

We know also this is a documentation issue, which we have filed earlier:

Hopefully our documentation will be soon clearer on this topic.

My colleague @rmloveland says we do have a doc entry on this topic:

but I agree it may need to be pulled up so it becomes more visible.