Problem in applying PRIMARY KEY constraint

I have created a table in CRDB without having any PRIMARY KEY and populated my data into the table.

Now that the table is created and populated with data I want to apply a constraint to make the first column as PRIMARY KEY. But I get an error:

The constraint is:


and the error is:

pq: multiple primary keys for table “SALES” are not allowed.

I think there reason is in CRDB if no PRIMARY KEY is mentioned, CRDB automatically will assign a PRIMARY KEY to the table named: rowid.

How can I see PRIMARY KEY in a table in CRDB?
How can I Make the column I want as PRIMARY KEY?

Hi @Cyrus,

Currently, you cannot modify the primary key of a table after it is created. If you create a table without a primary key, under the hood an invisible id column will be created for you and set as the primary key.

You will have to recreate your table with a primary key set in the CREATE TABLE expression.

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Thanks for the response.
How about a constraint for FOREIGN KEY after creating the table and populating the data?

Foreign key constraints can be added after the fact. You just can’t change the primary key.

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