Problem with migrate from postgres to cockroachdb

I have some problem.
I want to migrate from postgresql to cockroachdb.
I have pg_dump file. but the pg_dump file can’t read in cockroachdb.
at the first, same command entered, there are syntax error.
I fixed many syntax error.
after then I encountered this error.
That dump file located in ‘/data02/cockroach-v19.1.4.linux-amd64/cockdata/extern/kmemmdb_dump.sql’.
right directory.
what cause the problem?
How can I do?

root@> import pgdump ‘nodelocal://1/kmemmdb_dump.sql’;
pq: internal error: uncaught error: open /data02/cockroach-v19.1.4.linux-amd64/cockdata/extern/kmemmdb_dump.sql: no such file or directory
DETAIL: stack trace: in NewError() in AddMetadata() in addRow() in mainLoop() in run()
HINT: You have encountered an unexpected error inside CockroachDB.
Please check to check
whether this problem is already tracked. If you cannot find it there,
please report the error with details at:
If you would rather not post publicly, please contact us directly at:
The Cockroach Labs team appreciates your feedback.

Hello, thank you for your report.
It is unfortunate that this error message is so unclear.

As a first investigation step can you check: is the path /data02/cockroach-v19.1.4.linux-amd64/cockdata/extern/ available on every node in the cluster?

It is important during IMPORT that every node in the cluster can read nodelocal: paths from their local disk. So you should either copy the directory on every machine manually (and ensure the path is the same) or use a shared filesystem.

Can you have a look and verify whether some node does not have the path available?


It has been resolved. Thank you!!!

By the way, doesn’t cockroachdb support the create function? Is there no procedure or function object?

No there is not. You can track this here: