Problems when i testing the cluster

I was testing a cluster, have 4 nodes,

node1 localhost:26251 /data/store1
node2 localhost:26252 /data/store2
node3 localhost:26253 /data/store3
node4 localhost:26254 /data/store4

when the cluster is running, i remove all the files of the node 4 , then restart all nodes.
i found these problems:

Admin UI can’t work normally.

node number from 4 to 5.

and “View nodes list” cat not open.

Fortunately, “cockroach sql” can work on every node, and data is not lost.

Hi Jorise,
thank you for your report. Since this is essentially a technical problem, I propose to follow up to your question on Github. I have opened an issue for you here:
Feel free to comment further on that issue. Let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards

Thanks for response.
We are very interest about Cockroachdb, because we are plan to use it in production.
and we are always looking for a distributed, strongly consistent, simple to deploy database system just like Cockroachdb, thanks for your work.

Best regards