Production ready for large scale financial database

We start to create financial application and we need ACID cluster database. We work with posgres and mariadb gallera or oracle (master-master) but seems be cockroach is more developer friendly and good for start testing.
Here our questions:

  1. We need to know about version and long time support policies. How long time support 1.x ? and if version 2.x is in road map we need to know the risks.
  2. Is really ready for production use ? can we see any case studies ?
  3. We need to know about commercial support for bare metal severs and work flows.

Thank you.

Dear Muhammad,

thank you for your inquiry.

As to the release cycle we currently work on a 6-month schedule. A release is supported for 12 months: 6 months for bug fixes and security fixes, 6 months additional for security fixes only. Different support durations can be negociated with an enterprise license.

For this and all your other questions, please get in touch with our sales department Thank you!