PSA: a pre-push hook for formatting checks has been added

This should be a strict improvement for all developers who submit their changes for review as it avoids a spurious CI run in case make check TESTS=Crlfmt fails.

However, some committers may wish to push to their fork with no intention to submit a PR.
In this case, just use git commit --no-verify to skip the hook.

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Tobi, some of us were talking over dinner last night about removing the crlfmt check from make check for the time being because it has a couple of bugs (

I was going to do that today. What do people think?

Btw, @tamird was saying how make check TESTS=Crlfmt doesn’t work because of something something go subtests. But the command does seem to run… What’s the deal?

Sometimes it pays to read the subject lines from the firehose.

I think you mean git push --no-verify

It runs in the same way that make check TESTS=ThisTestDoesNotExistAndTheInvocationDoesNothing runs.

I’m ok making the check completely optional, in fact that’s what the PR originally did.

I think someone was saying that go test -run <regex> doesn’t match the regexp for subtests but evidently it does.

You can match subtests using /: