PSA: main repo moved to Go 1.7

Hear ye, hear ye!

As part of my ongoing quest to periodically break your build
environment, I’ve landed which changes the
go version check to require 1.7 (it will accept any version string
starting with “1.7”).

Though Go 1.7 is still in release candidate, we have been seeing many
test failures due to, which
was fixed in the 1.7 cycle. To keep our CI running smoothly, we are
doing this upgrade early.

The current Go 1.7 release candidate is available in the usual places
(except homebrew on OS X).

Note that as with all Go version upgrades, it may be necessary to rebuild Go binaries that are used by our build tools. These typically reside in $GOPATH/bin and can be rebuilt using glock by running glock sync -n < GLOCKFILE in the cockroach repo root after rebasing to pick up the 1.7 upgrade.

Until next time.

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