PSA: UI uses yarn instead of npm

I’ve just merged, which introduces yarn ( as a replacement for npm.

Yarn promises faster dependency fetching than npm and better dependency hygiene (e.g. if you change dependencies, you don’t need to nuke node_modules to get back to a pristine state).

Note that the file npm.installed which was used to avoid re-invoking npm unnecessarily has been replaced with yarn.installed and can be safely removed (git will now report its presence, as I’ve removed it from various .gitignores).

Any pointers for installing yarn in a linux (e.g. ubuntu)?


Thanks! Ubuntu instructions worked like a charm!

This seems like a potentially dangerous change.

Are you sure that yarn is going to be stable and remain backed long term? Javascript projects seems to pop up, gain popularity and then fade away just as quickly. We’ve been hurt by this before (see mithril).

Why does this yarn exist? Can’t npm just incorporate these changes? Adding a cache and improving the algorithm seems fairly straight forward.

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