Question about --background option on Windows

Trying to start a cluster node using the ‘start’ command with --background option. On Windows, this option does not seem to be supported. Can someone confirm this? Is there a work around (other than opening new command windows for each node I want to add)? Thanks

Hi Suren,

Unfortunately, the way CockroachDB uses the --background flag is not supported on windows.

This page might assist you with running a process in the background on windows.

Note, it appears that approach will still have the command attached to the console window, so closing the console window or taking an action such as logging out will still result in the process stopping.

There is an open feature request found here that if completed, would support the background functionality.

Unfortunately, at this time we can’t give any specific time range for when additional Windows functionality will be added. However, the request is visible to our product management and still being considered to be added in the future.

I hope this helps.


Thank you. I am subscribed to issue and will track. We really need for cockroachDB to run as a service to be able to use it in enterprise.