Re-posting earlier question about being prompted for password

hello - i originally asked this question here but it was never answered.

i have my steps to install CR 1.1.6 and create a user, but for some reason i am able to locally connect to CR without being prompted for the password:

cockroach sql --user=markedwards --database=bank --certs-dir=./path-to-certs-directory/ ;

here is a gist i wrote to demonstrate the behavior:

please note that the password is indeed required to connect remotely (as expected), but not locally.

thank you very much.

You created a certificate for markedwards and it lives in ./path-to-certs-directory/. The built-in sql client will find those certificates and use them for authentication instead of the password.

If you delete the client certificate (or move it out of the certs directory), the client will fallback on password authentication.