Reading from specified node only

I’m new to CockroachDB and plan to distribute some workload around the cluster. Is it possible to read from a local node where a specific range/shard resides, only?

Something like “SELECT * FROM table WHERE zone=nodeX” where nodeX ist the node close to my client.

Hi @mulesky,

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There are several ways in CockroachDB to read a specific range/shard from a local node. Please consult this documentation on multi-region topology patterns. The pattern you choose depends on the latency and resiliency you are looking to achieve. For example, you might use the Geo-Partitioning Replicas pattern for frequently updated tables that are geographically specific and the Duplicate Indexes pattern for reference tables that are not tied to geography and that are read frequently but updated infrequently.

Hope this information helps!

Technical Support Engineer