Reading JSON looking data in a column

hello - i see a cockroachdb column that is being maintained by that looks like this:

{"_v":2,"_d":{“firstname”:“this is a test value”,“myTestJsonValue”:{“newTestJson”:[{“firstKey”:“this is my first key”,“secondKey”:“this is my second key”},{“thirdKey”:“this is my third key”,“fourthKey”:“this is my fourth key”}]}}}

this was created by a simple JSON node object that originally looked like this:

{ newTestJson:
[ { firstKey: ‘this is my first key’,
secondKey: ‘this is my second key’ },
{ thirdKey: ‘this is my third key’,
fourthKey: ‘this is my fourth key’ } ] }

is this just a simple string that cant really be read using any sort of JSON references?

in other words, am i allowed to access/manipulate just the value in “secondKey” ?

i get the feeling that after looking at this link that this might be a bit early to cockroach labs. but the link did specify that they would “love to hear about it”. maybe love was too strong of a word? (sorry could not resist that one)

Hey @edwardsmarkf -
As you rightfully noted from the JSON thread, we aren’t yet able to support JSON, but we are taking note of where and how users would like to see it. Thanks for sharing your prospective use case - adding it to our log.