Release Notes: CockroachDB v2.1.0-beta.20180910


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CockroachDB v2.1.0-beta.20180910 is now available. You can upgrade here.

General changes

SQL language changes

Command-line changes

  • The new cockroach workload command provides various generators for data and query loads. #28978
  • The csv and tsv formats for cockroach commands that output result rows now buffer data for a maximum of 5 seconds. This makes it possible to, for example, view SQL CHANGEFEEDs interactively with cockroach sql and cockroach demo. #29445

Bug fixes

  • Fixed support for the --http-host flag, which was broken in previous 2.1 beta releases. #29220
  • Reduced the duration of partitions in the gossip network when a node crashes to eliminate a cause of temporary data unavailability. #29317
  • The unnest and _pg_expandarray functions now return an error when called with NULL as the first argument. #29385
  • Fixed a crash caused by JSON values and operations that use arrays. #29432
  • Fixed a rare crash with the message no err but aborted txn proto. #29456
  • Fixed a crash caused by SQL statements containing ->(NULL::STRING). #29414
  • Fixed table descriptor corruption when TRUNCATE is run while DROP COLUMN is being processed. #29262

Doc updates


This release includes 65 merged PRs by 20 authors.