Release Notes for CockroachDB v19.1.0-rc.3

(Maria Toft) #1

What's New in v19.1.0-rc.3

Today we continue our weekly releases of 19.1 release candidates leading up to the general availability release. Test out the latest release here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a potential crash when constructing certain types of aggregations with post projections. #36514
  • CockroachDB now correctly validates computed columns during ALTER TABLE ... ADD COLUMN. #36575
  • Fixed a bug when parsing dates with large years. #36555
  • Fixed a bug when decoding single column family JSONB columns. #36626
  • Fixed a potential crash in a mixed-version cluster with some nodes running v19.1-beta-x and others running 19.1-rc.x. #36719
  • Made CHANGEFEEDs more resilient to a class of bugs that manifest as stalls. #36768

Performance improvements

  • CockroachDB now applies back-pressure to bulk operations before other traffic. #36738


This release includes 19 merged PRs by 12 authors.