Release Notes for CockroachDB v2.1.0-beta.20181008

SQL language changes

  • EXECUTE is no longer an explainable statement. As an alternative, it is possible to PREPARE ... AS EXPLAIN ... and then execute the prepared statement to see the plan for a prepared query. #30725

Admin UI changes

Bug fixes

  • EXPLAIN ALTER DATABASE ... RENAME no longer renames the target database. #30661
  • EXPLAIN ALTER TABLE ... RENAME no longer renames the target table. #30661
  • EXPLAIN ALTER TABLE ... RENAME COLUMN no longer renames the target column. #30661
  • EXPLAIN ALTER INDEX ... RENAME no longer renames the target index. #30661
  • It is once again possible to use EXPLAIN for all preparable statements, and prepare all explainable statements. #30661
  • TRUNCATE is now properly restricted in SQL transactions like other DDL statements. #30661
  • TRUNCATE can now be used with EXPLAIN and as a prepared statement. #30661
  • The default unit for converting a string value when setting the statement_timeout session variable is now milliseconds for compatibility with PostgreSQL. #30654

Doc updates


This release includes 31 merged PRs by 15 authors.

Hi Jessica,

How is that data going to be displayed in future? I’m particularly interested in the Open Source edition.



Hi @Dragam,

Issue #30655 mentions that we removed these charts because we discovered they were not accurate. We will be exploring adding these charts back as await time, or average wait time for all disk operations that roughly corresponds to the values you would see when looking at await when using sar -d or an equivalent. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

A very good reason indeed! Pity though, the graphics would have made a nice addition to my Masters’ project - I don’t think that the lecturer would have checked that out! :wink: Seriously though, I have the greatest of respect for systems/projects which have the courage/maturity to admit that things have gone wrong and are willing to take a hit to get them back on track - for me the best example of this is Python2 -> Python3. Thanks for the explanation!