Release Notes for v19.1.5


This week’s v19.1.5 release features several bug fixes.

Release Notes for September 30, 2019

SQL language changes

  • Add check_constraints table to the information_schema. #39688

Bug fixes

  • Unary negatives in constant arithmetic expressions are no longer ignored. #39367
  • Propagate zone configuration to non-gossiped system tables. #39691
  • Prevent unlimited memory usage during SQL range deletions. #39733
  • A crash caused by the presence of window functions in the source of the CREATE TABLE AS statement is fixed. #40430
  • Fix a planning error that could occur when a common table expression with an ORDER BY was used inside of a subquery. #40490
  • Fixed an optimizer panic when building array access expressions. #40513
  • Fix bug where an MVCC value at a future timestamp is returned after a transaction restart. #40611
  • Consider intents in a read's uncertainty interval to be uncertain just as if they were committed values. This removes the potential for stale reads when a causally dependent transaction runs into the not-yet resolved intents from a causal ancestor. #40611
  • Prevent problems on mixed-version 19.1 clusters that are also performing a lookup join on a table that has an ongoing index backfill. #40739
  • The cockroach CLI client commands are now able to connect to a server via the environment variable COCKROACH_URL. #40848
  • Fix a crash in apply joins. #40829
  • Detailed crash reports ("panic messages") could previously be reported in the wrong file, if SQL audit reporting or statement logging had been activated. This has been corrected and crash reports will now properly always appear in the main log file. #40942


This release includes 14 merged PRs by 10 authors.