Release Notes for v19.1.6

Hi All,

This week we released v19.1.6

To download the release click here.

SQL language changes

  • EXPLAIN (OPT,ENV) now returns a URL with the data encoded in the fragment portion. Opening the URL shows a page with the decoded data. Note that the data is processed in the local browser session and is never sent out. #41092
  • EXPLAIN ANALYSE can now be used as an alias to EXPLAIN ANALYZE. #41093
  • Mutations under UNION or UNION ALL are now disallowed. This restriction is temporary and will be lifted in a future release. #41496

Admin UI changes

  • Certain web UI pages (like the list of databases or tables) now restrict their content to match the privileges of the logged-in user. #42727
  • The event log now presents all cluster settings changes, unredacted, when an admin user uses the page. #42727
  • Customization of the UI by users is now only properly saved if the user has write privilege to system.ui (i.e., is an admin user). Also, all authenticated users share the same customizations. This is a known limitation and should be lifted in a future version. #42727
  • Access to table statistics are temporarily blocked from access by non-admin users until further notice, for security reasons. #42727
  • Certain debug pages have been blocked from non-admin users for security reasons. #42727

Bug fixes

  • The experimental cloud storage changefeed sink previously violated some of the changefeed invariants under rare conditions. A number of these have been fixed, but some fixes require changes to the format of the filenames output by the cloud storage changefeed. This is unsuitable for inclusion in a patch release, so users of cloud storage changefeed sinks are highly encouraged to upgrade to CockroachDB 19.2 or later. #42907
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when a suboperator with a LIKE comparison has a NULL left-hand side. #41073
  • Reduced write amplification by avoiding forcing files through compactions unnecessarily. #41301
  • Fixed a rare data corruption bug in RocksDB caused by newer Linux kernel's handling of i_generation on certain file systems. #41393
  • Fixed a bug causing the cluster_logical_timestamp() function to sometimes return incorrect results. #41441
  • Fixed internal errors generated during the execution of some complicated cases of correlated subqueries. #41667
  • Fixed a bug causing zone configuration changes on tables with existing index zone configurations to not take effect unless the num_replicas field was also set. #41682
  • Fixed bug causing zone configuration application on indexes to leak into configurations on partitions. #41679
  • Fixed multiple bugs relating to zone configurations and COPY FROM PARENT. Previously, COPY FROM PARENT was ignored when using it on partitions and indexes, and when using it on a zone that had an existing value for the field that was being changed. #41699
  • Fixed a bug causing rapid network disconnections to lead to cluster unavailability because goroutines waited for a connection which will never be initialized to send its first heartbeat. #42165
  • Fixed an internal error in a rare case involving UNION and tuples inside VALUES clauses. #42266
  • CockroachDB now permits planning of window functions within mutation statements, and other statements that can't be distributed. #42617
  • Fixed a bug that would produce a spurious failure with the error message "incompatible COALESCE expressions" when adding or validating MATCH FULL foreign key constraints involving composite keys with columns of differing types. #42652
  • Fixed a case where we incorrectly determine that a query (or part of a query) which contains an IS NULL constraint on a unique index column returns at most one row, possibly ignoring a LIMIT 1 clause. #42792
  • It is now possible to transfer range leases to lagging replicas. #42764
  • ALTER INDEX IF EXISTS no longer fails when using an unqualified index name that does not match any existing index. Now it is a no-op. #42839
  • CockroachDB now prevents a number of panics from the SQL layer caused by an invalid range split. These would usually manifest with messages mentioning encoding errors ("found null on not null column" but also possibly various others). #42860
  • Other callers to acquireNodeLease will not get erroneously cancelled just because the context of the first caller was cancelled. #43028
  • Fixed a bug in poller causing it to emit row updates at a timestamp less than or equal to an already forwarded resolved timestamp. #43027
  • Fixed a bug in cloud storage sink file naming that violates ordering in presence of a schema changes. #43027
  • Fixed a bug causing disk stalls to allow a node to continue heartbeating its liveness record and prevent other nodes from taking over its leases, despite being completely unresponsive. #41765
  • CockroachDB now properly removes excess secondary log files (SQL audit logging, statement execution logging, and RocksDB events). #41034
  • cockroach debug zip, cockroach node and cockroach user now work properly if the defaultdb database has been manually dropped and the connection URL does not specify a database. #41131


This release includes 34 merged PRs by 19 authors.