Release Notes for v19.1.8

Hi all,

This week we released v19.1.8.

To download the release click here.

Security updates

  • Previous versions of CockroachDB were incorrectly enabling non-admin SQL users to use the statements details in the Admin UI and the HTTP endpoint /_status/statements. This information is sensitive because the endpoint does not hide data that the requester does not have privilege over. This has been corrected by requiring a SQL admin user to access the statements details page and the HTTP endpoint. #44355

Admin UI changes

  • We previously introduced a fix on the admin UI to prevent non-admin SQL users from executing queries - however, this accidentally made certain pages requiring table details not to display. This error has now been fixed. #44193

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where repeated use of COPY FROM PARENT on an index or partition could cause an unexpected validation error. #44266
  • Fixed a planning bug related to FULL joins between single-row relations. #44242
  • Fixed incorrect plans in very rare cases involving filters that aren't constant folded in the optimizer but that can be evaluated statically when running a given query. #44602
  • Fixed "no output column equivalent to.." and "column not in input" errors in some cases involving DISTINCT ON and ORDER BY. [#44598][#44598]
  • Fixed "expected constant FD to be strict" internal error. #44599
  • Fixed a bug where running a query with the LIKE operator using the custom ESCAPE symbol when the pattern contained Unicode characters could result in an internal error in CockroachDB. #44649
  • Fixed possibly incorrect query results in various cornercases, especially when SELECT DISTINCT is used. #44606
  • Fixed an internal error that could happen in the planner when table statistics were collected manually using CREATE STATISTICS for different columns at different times. #44443
  • CockroachDB no longer repeatedly looks for non-existing jobs, which may cause high memory usage, when cleaning up schema changes. #44824


This release includes 12 merged PRs by 9 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • Oliver Tan (first-time contributor, CockroachDB team member)