Release Notes for v19.2.0-beta.20190930

Hi all,

Today we released v19.2-beta.20190930. Included in this release we have bug fixes and various general, enterprise, SQL, and command-line enhancements.

To download the release click here.

What's New in CockroachDB v19.2.0-beta.20190930

  • Locality-aware backup and restore: You can now back up or restore a subset of a table's data according to zone configurations (e.g., send your EU backup partition to an EU cloud storage location).
  • Import performance improvements: Internal improvements have been made to IMPORT to enable more efficient loading of large data sets.
  • Show partitions using SQL: CockroachDB now supports the SHOW PARTITIONS statement, which can be used to identify partitions. It also enhances SHOW CREATE TABLE to show constraints as described.
  • Productionize vectorization prototype: Queries are now automatically faster for users. This work expands upon the SQL Vectorization Prototype and allows it to be used in production. Note, this does not cover the long-tail of features necessary to use vectorization on all queries. Vectorized execution is turned on by default for a subset of queries and default back to DistSQL execution for unsupported queries
  • Improve Streaming Behavior on JDBC Driver: PostgreSQL wire protocol cursors have been implemented. As a result, PGJDBC is able to use streaming behavior to return pagination-related results.
  • Improve partitioning user experience: CockroachDB now prevents users from specifying a non-partitioned secondary index on a partitioned table by default to improve performance. Users will have the ability to override this default as it may be necessary in some rare use cases. Additionally, users can now specify the same name for the partition for tables and for all corresponding indexes.
  • Improve setting of zone configs via SQL: ALTER TABLE now returns an error when users select conflicting or impossible zone constraints due to user error.
  • Make it easy to focus queries on partitioned data: CockroachDB now automatically limits a query to only the applicable partition without having to specify the particular partition for a geo-distributed table. This prevents the query from conducting a full table scan.
  • Better insight into constraint conformance: You can now tell if your cluster is in a healthy state based on the status of conformance to constraints like zone configurations, lease preferences, and replica diversification.

View the full release notes here.

The Cockroach Labs Team