Release Notes for v19.2.0-rc.3

What's New in v19.2.0-rc.3

November 4, 2019

Today we released v19.2.0-rc.3. Included in this release we have SQL language changes, bug fixes and doc updates.

To download the release click here.

General changes

  • Go 1.12.12 is now required to build CockroachDB from source. #41994

SQL language changes

  • Changed the data type of the system.reports_meta.generated and system.replication_constraint_stats.violation_start columns from TIMESTAMP to TIMESTAMPTZ. #41915

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare corruption bug when files are ingested that do not overlap with the in-memory buffer and compaction has fallen behind. #42009
  • CockroachDB no longer erroneously transfers leases to replicas that are in the process of being removed, which could lead to ranges being unavailable due to an invalid lease. #42079

Doc updates


This release includes 4 merged PRs by 3 authors.

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