Release Notes for v19.2.0-rc.4

What’s New in v19.2.0-rc.4

November 8, 2019

Yesterday we released v19.2.0-rc.4. Included in this release we have SQL language changes and bug fixes.

To download the release click here.

SQL language changes

  • CockroachDB now uses the zig-zag join algorithm only in cases where it can benefit performance. #42186
  • Added the sql.defaults.zigzag_join.enabled cluster setting, which can be used to control the default value of the enable_zigzag_join session variable and, thus, whether zig-zag joins are allowed. #42182
  • The error message generated when a transaction containing DDL is both partially committed and partially rolled back (XXAOO) now contains a link to GitHub issue #42061 where this situation is discussed further. #42090

Bug fixes

  • CockroachDB now supports GSSAPI authentication from Postgres 11.5 and 12.0 clients. #42189
  • Fixed a "cannot map variable to an indexed var" error for certain queries against partitioned tables. #42183
  • Fixed "output columnTypes unset after planning" and "inconsistent post-processing" errors for certain queries involving UNION ALL. #42184
  • Fixed an "invalid indexIdx" error for certain queries involving zig-zag joins. #42182


This release includes 6 merged PRs by 3 authors.