Release notes for v2.1.10

Hi All,

This week we released v2.1.10

To download the release click here.

Admin UI changes

  • Certain web UI pages (like the list of databases or tables) now restrict their content to match the privileges of the logged-in user. #42910
  • The event log now presents all cluster settings changes, unredacted, when an admin user uses the page. #42910
  • Customization of the UI by users is now only properly saved if the user has write privilege to system.ui (i.e., is an admin user). Also, all authenticated users share the same customizations. This is a known limitation and should be lifted in a future version. #42910
  • Access to table statistics are temporarily blocked from access by non-admin users until further notice, for security reasons. #42910
  • Certain debug pages have been blocked from non-admin users for security reasons. #42910

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare data corruption bug in RocksDB caused by newer Linux kernel's handling of i_generation on certain file systems. #41394
  • Fixed a bug causing the cluster_logical_timestamp() function to sometimes return incorrect results. #41442
  • Fixed a bug causing rapid network disconnections to lead to cluster unavailability because goroutines waited for a connection which would never be initialized to send its first heartbeat. #42166
  • Fixed a case where we incorrectly determine that a query (or part of a query) which contains an IS NULL constraint on a unique index column returns at most one row, possibly ignoring a LIMIT 1 clause. #42793
  • ALTER INDEX IF EXISTS no longer fails when using an unqualified index name that does not match any existing index. Now it is a no-op. #42841
  • The CommandQueue no longer holds on to buffers if they become too large. This prevents unbounded growth of memory that may never be reclaimed. #42961
  • The CommandQueue now clears references to objects in its buffers to allow those objects to be reclaimed by the garbage collector. #42961
  • Fixed a bug causing disk stalls to allow a node to continue heartbeating its liveness record and prevent other nodes from taking over its leases, despite being completely unresponsive. #41734


This release includes 8 merged PRs by 9 authors.