Release notes for v20.1.0-beta.1

Hi all,

Yesterday we released v20.1.0-beta.1

In addition to various updates, enhancements, and bug fixes, this first v20.1 beta release includes the following major highlights:

  • Online primary key changes: You can now change a table’s primary key using the ALTER TABLE ... ALTER PRIMARY KEY statement. Changing a table’s primary key rewrites its primary and some secondary indexes behind-the-scenes and can take a while, but the table remains online with no interruption to data access. For now, this feature is considered experimental and is behind a cluster setting. To try it out, run SET experimental_enable_primary_key_changes = true. The syntax is ALTER TABLE table_name ALTER PRIMARY KEY USING COLUMNS (x, y).
  • Full cluster restore: You can now use CockroachDB's Enterprise RESTORE feature to restore a full cluster BACKUP to a new cluster, including all configuration and system information such as user privileges, zone configurations, and cluster settings. Restoring a full cluster backup to an existing cluster is not supported.
  • Encrypted backup files: You can now use an encryption key to encrypt data in Enterprise BACKUP files, and to decrypt the data upon RESTORE.

To see the full release notes click here.