Release Notes for v20.1.0-beta.3

Hi Everyone,

Last week we released v20.1.0-beta.3. This v20.1 beta includes various updates and bug fixes, and the following major highlights:

  • SELECT FOR UPDATE: CockroachDB now supports SELECT FOR UPDATE for ordering transactions.
  • SQL savepoints: CockroachDB now fully supports SQL savepoints.
  • Hash-sharded indexes: CockroachDB now supports new syntax for defining hash-sharded indexes. Hash-sharded indexes improve write performance to indexes on sequential keys.
  • RBAC now under BSL: All role-based access control (RBAC) features (CREATE ROLE, ALTER ROLE, DROP ROLE, GRANT ROLE, REVOKE ROLE) are now BSL features and available to non-enterprise users.
  • Improved vectorized execution: Vectorized execution now supports hash joins, merge joins, and most window functions.
  • Statement tracing in the Admin UI: Statement diagnostic information is now available in the Admin UI. When viewing a statement fingerprint in the Admin UI, you can now trigger a trace on the next query execution matching that statement fingerprint.

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