Release Notes for v20.2.11

Hello everyone, we just released v20.2.11. You can find the release notes here: What's New in v20.2.11 | CockroachDB Docs


Hi Meagan,

When will the cockroach cloud be updated to this version.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Saqib,

Are you using CockroachCloud Dedicated or Free Tier? This post was actually about v20.2, which is not our latest major version. Below is some information about upgrade status to our latest major version, v21.1.

For CockroachCloud Dedicated:

Any new Dedicated clusters you create will automatically run v21.1.1.

If you have an existing cluster that’s running an older major version, you can upgrade to v21.1 following the steps in these docs: Upgrade to CockroachDB v21.1 | CockroachDB Docs. Otherwise, minor version upgrades automatically happen about ~7-10 days after release.

For CockroachCloud Free Tier:
We’re currently validating the upgrade of Free Tier from v20.2 to v21.1, and we’ll perform the rollout automatically in the next few weeks.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @mgoldman ! :slight_smile: