[Request for Feedback] Work with the PM team to shape the roadmap

The Cockroach Labs product team is looking for current and prospective CockroachDB users to provide regular feedback on the roadmap and a handful of our larger features (think JSON, Partitioning, Change Data Capture, or the next gen admin UI) over the next six months.

If you are interested in working closely with the product team, please fill out this form.

Space is limited for the first wave of partners, but as usual we’ll continue to take input and feedback from the normal channels: Github (ideal), Gitter, the forum, etc.

Please speed up the query speed.

Thanks @doane we are working on it! Going into 1.2, it is a high priority for us. If you have any specific query patterns in mind though, that’s always helpful since we can frame our testing suites on those queries.