Restore a database from local-node

Hello everyone,
At present, I having a cluster that includes 3 nodes (node1, node2, node3) like figure

I have a problem as follows:
I try to import a file database that is exported from PostgreSQL (file the only schema) by the command :
restore from ‘nodelocal:/2/mattermost’;
But it appears an error as follows: ERROR: failed to open backup storage location: host component of nodelocal URI must be a node ID (use ‘self’ to specify each node should access its own local filesystem): nodelocal:/2/mattermost
Before that, I was uploaded file mattermost from my computer to node local, and it’s successfully.
I haven’t the google cloud account yet so I try restoring it like that but it not work. I just learn about cockroachDB, it’s really difficult.
Help me, Please!

Hi! I think you might be missing a slash from the URI. Could you try nodelocal://2/mattermost

Also take a look at these docs – we recommend using userfile instead of nodelocal now. nodelocal docs and userfile docs