RFC: redacting sensitive data in logs and crash reports (final comment period)


The RFC discussing how to support redacting potentially sensitive data in logs and crash reports is entering final comment period, so please take a look and leave any thoughts and comments on GitHub: https://github.com/cockroachdb/cockroach/pull/15892


To be clear to anyone not familiar with the situation, we currently redact all data in crash reports. The RFC is about adding a way to pass on some non-sensitive data while still ensuring the privacy of all data that’s even remotely sensitive.

Eh, not quite (EDIT: was replying to comment that said logs were always redacted):
As discussed in the RFC, we don’t currently redact anything in logs – logs are currently treated as sensitive, and should be reviewed by hand before they can be shared / included in a bug report / etc, but the RFC paves a path towards changing that.