Running Workload Against Other Databases

Hello! We are evaluation Cockroach DB and we are currently bench marking various possible deployment configurations to see what will work best for our system. We are impressed that the Cockroach docs specify doing these tests as a part of the deployment. And workload has been a great tool for that. But, the question came up, how do we compare this number to other database technologies? So, I setup a Postgres 11 DB cluster on Digital Ocean. For ease, I just used their managed DB service. And I ran the following command:

workload fixtures load tpcc --warehouses=1000 “postgresql://USERNAME:PASSWORD@URI:25060/tpcc?sslmode=require&sslrootcert=certs/ca-certificate.crt”

When I do, I get the following error:

Error: failed to create google cloud client (You may need to setup the GCS application default credentials: ‘gcloud auth application-default login --project=cockroach-shared’): dialing: google: could not find default credentials. See for more information.

I’m confused why google cloud is being referenced at all. I’m testing from one of our machines out to a digital ocean DB cluster. How can I use the workload utility to benchmark other databases performance VS cockroach?

Hi @cubelimit,

Try using workload fixtures import instead of load.


Thanks Matt, now the error we get is

‘Error: pq: syntax error at or near “NOT”’

My apologies, I misread the original post.

the workload command is cockroach specific so it will not work on a postgres database.

With that said, the answer to your original question as to why google cloud is being referenced is because the data is loaded from there initially using load.

For a vendor neutral tpcc, i can suggest looking at sysbench for now.

Do you have any other questions related to performance?


Thank you Matt, I’ll have a look into sysbench!