Same throughput with more nodes?

I have been testing the throughput of CockroachDB with the tool TPC-C.

When testing with different number of nodes and the same workload, the throughput stays basically the same. I had expected it to increase as the number of nodes increased. Why is this?

Example of result:
Warehouses: 300
Nr of nodes: 3, then 6, then 9
Throughput: 3669, 3658, 3673
Efficiency (how close the system is to its theoretical maximum: 95.1, 94.8, 95.2
Latency: 61, 61, 49


Hi @Stkr,

The throughput in TPC-C is limited by the number of warehouses in use. Given a fixed number of warehouses, in this case 300, there is a maximum achievable throughput. So to increase throughput, you must also increase the warehouse count.

I hope that helps,