Shutdown seems to be failing

hello - newbie here trying to start & stop cockroachdb but having issues. here is what i have done thus far trying to follow this simple example:

mkdir certs;
cockroach cert create-ca --ca-cert=certs/ca.cert --ca-key=certs/ca.key ;
cockroach cert create-node localhost --ca-cert=certs/ca.cert --ca-key=certs/ca.key
–cert=certs/node.cert --key=certs/node.key ;
cockroach cert create-client root --ca-cert=certs/ca.cert --ca-key=certs/ca.key
–cert=certs/root.cert --key=certs/root.key;

cockroach start

build: beta-20160929 @ 2016/09/29 17:51:34 (go1.7.1)
admin: https://localhost:8081
sql: postgresql://root@cockroach-db:26257?sslcert=%2Froot%2Froach%2Fcerts%2Fnode.cert&sslkey=%2Froot%2Froach%2Fcerts%2Fnode.key&sslmode=verify-full&sslrootcert=%2Froot%2Froach%2Fcerts%2Fca.cert
logs: marks-cockroach-data/logs
store[0]: path=marks-cockroach-data

when i try to issue the quit command like this:

cockroach quit --port=26257 ;

i get this reply:

graceful shutdown failed, proceeding with hard shutdown: rpc error: code = 13 desc = transport is closing

at which point i end up doing: ps aux | grep cockroach ; kill -9 #### ;

any suggestions what i might be doing wrong?


the quit command also needs to use the certs. Try following

wow- i am sure glad i didn’t ask this silly question on stack-overflow. they never answer this graciously.
or do newbies get a little more slack for not reading all the way through the example? (rhetorical sarcasm)

thank you very much.

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You’re welcome. The error message you were getting should have been clearer (I’ve made the same mistake before).

it would be fun to speculate how many down-votes my question would have received on stack-overflow. or is there some form of secret down-voting only available to cockroachdb development team? (bad joke, sorry)