Single replication in a different region

Is it possible to set a single replication zone in a node that is not the main node? For example if I have a cluster of three nodes in three different regions (east1, west1, west2), if my main node is in east1 can I set up a table that is only replicated once in west2? Each of my node as an attrs attached to it: east1, west1, and west2. In my .yaml file for my west1 table, I only set one replication zone: “replicas: - attrs: [west1]”. However when I start inserting items into my west1 table, I realized that the storage in my west1 location is not getting used, instead the items are getting inserted into the storage of my main node (east1).

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you ylc265. This somehow slipped through.

This sounds like a bug that we currently have in which a current replica won’t move to a new location if the zone configs don’t match. I’m actively working on a fix for that with our new expressive zone config. See here for more detail:expressive zone configs

I expect this issue should be resolved in the next few weeks. I’ll come back and update this post when we switch over to the new system.