Snapshot failed:remote couldn't accept snapshot with error

In my prod env,when i set ioslation level is snapshot in app client. have below errors in log.

E180308 14:30:07.493431 471 storage/queue.go:663 [raftsnapshot,n5,s5,r19150/1:/Table/398/1/918{6804…-7372…}] snapshot failed: (n4,s4):2: remote couldn’t accept snapshot with error: [n4,s4],r19150: cannot apply snapshot: snapshot intersects existing range [n4,s4,r17835/2:/Table/398/1/918{6439…-7372…}]

Hi Jason,

That message refers to an internal process by which copies of data are moved between nodes – we call them “snapshots”, but they’re unrelated to the isolation level your application is using, and shouldn’t be affected by it in any way.

There are some situations where this error occurs and the cluster should figure it out and fix it on its own. It is good to know that it happened if you’re looking though the logs trying to debug why something is broken, but if the cluster overall isn’t broken, it can be ignored. What version are you using? Any other details you can share about what was going on with the cluster when you saw that, like adding or removing nodes?

Thanks for your reply!
Below are version infomation:
Build Tag: v1.1.4
Build Time: 2018/01/08 17:32:42
Distribution: CCL
Platform: linux amd64
Go Version: go1.8.3
C Compiler: gcc 6.3.0
Build SHA-1: b794b52cbfffa2340cdaabf1c33be716ebde1db4
Build Type: release-gnu

When inserting a lot of data concurrently, there will be these error in the log.

Are you observing any problems outside of the logs? Are queries failing or returning incorrect results? I don’t think this is anything to worry about otherwise.