Statements timeout in the DB admin panel

Ever since I upgraded to 21.2 (currently at the latest version 21.2.4), the statements and transactions don’t load. The page just has a loading icon, until a 504 Gateway Timeout appears 60s later.

I wan’t to check for slow queries, but it never loads. And I’ve tried about 50 times literally. Weirdly enough, on our dev cluster, that page loads, albeit its much slower than usual/before.

Has anybody dealt with this issue? Is there a way to increase the timeout from 60s to a higher value (even though this is just a temporary fix)?

Hi! We’re actively working on a fix for this. In the meantime, the timeout could be due to too much stats collection. Try following the steps here to reduce the congestion? Transaction Page and Statement Page Promise Timeout - #3 by rima

Thanks a bunch @MichaelB, that worked!