Stream error and CPU is High

Hi Guys,

Sometimes when one of our nodes cpu become high, i saw this in cockroach logs,

W190226 03:06:03.228111 26574312 vendor/ grpc: Server.Serve failed to create ServerTransport: connection error: desc = "transport: http2Server.HandleStreams failed to receive the preface from client: EOF

Is anyone here have some clue?

I’am using 2.1.3 with 9 nodes in the clusters.

Thank You

@martonowibowo it’d be helpful to see the full log from the time the incident occurred, as well as the output of http://<adminUrl>/debug/pprof/ui/profile/. Timestamps will be helpful for orienting in the logs. That log line indicates that nodes aren’t able to communicate, but it doesn’t say why, and lack of communication alone probably shouldn’t lead to high CPU utilization.

Oke Noted,
Thanks for the reply, i will check it first on my node.

Thank You