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Hi Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the head of customer support for Cockroach Labs. Since joining the company last May, I have been working to develop a comprehensive understanding of our product and to use that understanding to make support at CockroachDB as effective as possible. Streamlining our support system by concentrating our support team’s efforts on posts in this forum is the first major step toward achieving that goal.

CockroachDB makes data easy. Support is here to make CockroachDB easy and ensure that you’re able to use CRDB to accomplish your goals. Two very concrete ways that we intend to do that are by ensuring that no issue goes unnoticed or unanswered, and that we learn from support issues by having a tight feedback loop between our technical support engineers and our product team.

To date, we have had support activity spread out across multiple platforms - this forum, email, Slack, Gitter, Github, and Gitter has been the most active, but we’ve found that it has been hard to manage issues there, and this has resulted in a subpar experience for many users. Due to the nature of Gitter, it’s really easy for issues to overlap or be missed entirely if they’re opened in the middle of the night Eastern time. Gitter also has no integrations with support systems, so it’s impossible to track and report on queries by product area.

Given these challenges, we’ve decided to concentrate our efforts on support here on the forum, and on any issues submitted through Our team will continue to check in periodically with the conversation on Gitter, but will be shifting the bulk of its focus to the forum. That being the case, posting issues on the forum will be both the quickest way for you to get support from our team, and the simplest way for you to determine if someone else has already experienced the same problem and found a solution for it.

To sum up, the shift from a more diffuse support system to concentrating support on this forum will quickly:

  • Help us ensure that you receive timely and accurate responses.
  • Help us deliver better reporting to product about support activity.

In the long run, it will:

  • Help us develop better product.
  • Help other users (and you!) find answers to common problems more quickly.

I welcome questions and feedback - feel free to reach out to me here or at


Tim O’Brien

Head of Customer Support

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