Support to Test the Cockroach on Hammerdb

I wanted to test the performance of the cockroachdb with Hammerdb. Is it possible to provide the support to Hammerdb for cockroach. From the Hammerdb i tried connecting to cockroach using the postgre as the option but did not work.

Thanks I got the answer

What was the answer?

Its YCSB. ycsb is the Alternative to HammerDB


Did you use the postgres module or is there a cockroach one that I’m not seeing?

I tried to use the PostgreSQL as the RDBMS from the list in Hammerdb, but could not be able to connect to Cockroach. Do you help how to connect to cockroach from Hammerdb any documentation would be much appreciable.

I mean YCSB. What module for it did you use?