System counts the same node twice

Action: Upgrade to version v1.1.6 .
We have 3 nodes V1.1
Upgrade node 1 to v1.1.6 wait until stable.
Result: node1: V1.1.6 node2: V1.1 node3: V1.1
If you stop and start node 1 V1.1.6 , the system adds node1 as node 4 .
On the Web UI you see the total nodes are 4 with 2X node 1 , 3 nodes are Healthy and 1 node Dead.
How can I remove the double dead node and make again 3 nodes.

Hi @lucevers,

Are you sure you’re staring the v1.1.6 node with the same --store flag value as the node had when it was running v1.1.1? This seems to me like you’re starting with a different store directory, which would make it a “new node” from the cluster’s perspective.