Truncate table - command is too large

I was trying to truncate a table TRUNCATE TABLE config_blob;

I got this message -

root@:26257/van> truncate table config_blob;
pq: command is too large: 143792138 bytes (max: 67108864)

Can someone let me know how can I get rid of this error?


  • Mac OS X - 10.12.6
  • Cockroach - 1.1.0

I think this is related to, but I thought it had been fixed. cc @vivek

Looks like this should have been fixed in 1.1. But I am also using v1.1 and
getting the issue there.

@tuk I’d appreciate it if you can file an issue and describe how Ic an reproduce this problem. Thanks!

I tried reproducing this with a table with 300,000 rows and didn’t hit the problem. Is it possible you’re storing a very large blob in the database?

Created the below issue in github-