Unable to reconnect to the cluster through haproxy

Hi @Roachers,

I experienced a network outage yesterday, but i managed to bring up the nodes all the 5 nodes which are visible on the dashboard. The problem is, when i try to connect to the cluster through the load balancer (haproxy) i am getting the error:

If the server is running, check --host client-side and --advertise server-side.

dial tcp my_ip: connect: connection refused 

I am able to connect to individual nodes, but not through the load balancer. How can i fix that?

Seems the issue was with the load balancer. The cockroach cluster is totally fine.

The Load Balancer was unable to reconnect when to the cluster when it came back on. Still thinking on the best way to restart Haproxy

Hi @kingmoses,

I am glad that your CockroachDB cluster is fine. It would be helpful to other users, if you can respond with how you were able to restart HAProxy and connect to your CockroachDB cluster.