Unable to use CockroachDB

Hi Roachers,

I woke up this morning and any form of queries are not working. I’ve tried to connect to one of the nodes and run use db_name; and it works. But any other queries such as showing existing users, or even show available tables are not working. I’ve also tried to login on the dashboard, and getting the error message Unable to log in: Promise timed out after 30000 ms. I cannot also access the cluster through the load balancer. Any pointers on what could be the issue?

I’ve just restarted the nodes. All is well now. I guess i will just check the logs of why that happened.

Hey @kingmoses

We would like to know what you have found in reference to this issue. Do you have a time frame of when this was occurring? It would help to have that general time when going through the logs on the nodes, in order to find why the issue was occurring. Let us know if you need assistance in going through the logs.