Unavailable range reported in cluster

We have a reached a state in our cockroachdb cluster where we have 1 unavailable range. We were in the middle of a rolling deploy while also upgrading the cluster from v19.1.4 to v19.2.4. I have the cockroach debug zip output which i can send over.
This is the range report for the range being reported as unavailable.

I am curious about how this happened and what can we do to get out of it?


Hi @iamhari,

Sorry for the delay in response.

Were you able to update all the nodes of your cluster to 19.2.4? Are you still experiencing the issue of an unavailable range?

If your cluster still has an unavailable range, you can fix it by putting the range through the manual replication queue:
(1) In the Admin UI, click the Gear icon on the left to go to the Advanced Debugging page
(2) In the Tracing and Profiling Endpoints (local node only) section, click Run a range through an internal queue
(3) Set Queue=replicate and RangeID=191
(4) Click Submit

(5) Attach the Enqueue Range Output section to this post. This section will either show a successful replication or give an explanation as to why the range cannot replicate.

Technical Support Engineer