Using CockroachDB + JSONB support like a document-based NoSQL DB

I am going to CockroachDB in my project. Some of my data naturally fits in a document-based NoSQL DB. With the JSONB support, I guess I can use CockroachDB like a document-based NoSQL db. How does the performance look like comparing to an actual document-based NoSQL db e.g. MongoDB?

Hi @carey! Performance in any database is very workload dependent. And the tuning matters quite a bit as well; many NoSQL databases by default have weak guarantees around data safety, so it’s important to use production settings when benchmarking them for comparison. But “production settings” mean different things to different users, so there’s no one set of representative numbers that we can really use here for comparisons.

We’ve recently started posting about performance, starting with the standard TPC-C benchmark, which helps resolve the above ambiguities and was designed to represent a typical OLTP application: