Using Replication in Stage or development Environment?

In many databases writing to a slave breaks replication and gets out of sync with master. Does cockroachDB allow inserts to a slave without breaking replication, and self repair after set period of time? The use-case I am thinking about is doing manual testing on a stage server with fresh Data (within one day) and have the ability to write data to do checks.

There is no master or slave in cockroach. All nodes stand on an equal footing

The whole point of cockroach is to prevent inconsistency. Updates are not committed unless a majority of nodes in a cluster agree on it.


I’m new to all this as well. Sounds like you best bet for development is to dump a portion of your latest data into another database, on the same cockroach cluster or even on a separate machine. Presumably for development a cluster is not required, just a single node.

Thanks for the information and a link. A followup question is if the nodes do not come to a consensus what happens to the new data on one node?

If the is no consensus then no data is committed to the database.

If the data cannot be committed your query will fail with some error or other.

That data you sent is discarded. You will have to retry the query.