V19.1.4: Due to consistency check failed with 2 inconsistent replicas node stops immediately

After moving from v2.1.6 to v19.1.4 I get sporadic error messages saying Consistency check failed with 2 inconsistent replicas and the cockroach node stop the execution immediately.

What remediation is suggested on this kind of error?


Have you made any changes to the auxiliary/checkpoints yet or have these sporadic error messages appeared before you noticed the increase in storage?

What is the state of your cluster? Can you query it at all?

When this error appears are you executing any SQL commands?


Can you send me a debug.zip via https://cockroachlabs.sendsafely.com/u/mvardi

Hi Matthew,

I can restart the docker container at resume operation instantaneously. At some point in time the cockroach instance is stopped because an inconsistent replica set is found. If a restart it again it runs without a problem.

BTW I 'll send you a debug.zip in the next couple of hours to your PM.

Thank you very much.